Computer Workstations

There are a total of 11 computer workstations in the library which are located at the narrowed high tables furnished with bar stools that gives you a casual feel or a café touch as soon as you enter the library.

The high table provides enough space if you want to work on your own laptop / devices by connecting to the available charging points. A limited number of laptop locks are also available for loan which you can request from the staff on duty at the library counter.

Windows PC & iMac

The library provides a combination of Windows PCs and iMacs to meet the respective user preferences. The computers are connected to Wi-Fi throughout the library.  You will need to log in using your APKey and password to access the computers.

OPAC Computer (Open Public Access Catalogue)

There is an iMac facing the library counter which functions as an express workstation dedicated solely for users to search the library catalogue to identify the location of various library resources that they wish to use or borrow. Pen and papers are provided right next to the OPAC computer for you to quickly note down the location of the materials you have searched for.

Access to Grammarly

Grammarly is a popular  grammar-checker application which the library has subscribed to help users to develop better writing skills. It has been extremely helpful especially for students who are working on their final year projects or theses, and various assignments. You can access Grammarly on the four computers that has been labelled as G1 – G4 by using the login details available at the respective computers. Usage of Grammarly is limited to on-campus access only.

  • The computer facilities provided in the library are to be used for academic and research purposes only.
  • Use of computers for sending personal emails, online chatting or gaming is strictly prohibited. You are also prohibited from installing applications / programs into the computers made available for student use.
  • Users found committing any of the above-mentioned offences will be penalized.
  • Users are advised to save their work onto their own portable hard drives. The Library Management will not be responsible for any loss of work saved in the library computers.