Print and Media Resources

The library has in place an extensive and rapidly growing collection of print and media resources in the Computing, Information Technology, Engineering, Data Science, Business, Accounting, Psychology, Media, Arts and Design related fields. Current holdings total up to about 40,000 items, including 2,000 over CD ROM titles and approximately more than 7000 Student projects from various levels. There is also subscription to 50 periodical titles.

The resources are searchable through our library’s OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). Learn about your library membership and its privileges to understand the different types of resources and its borrowing guidelines for each.

Essential and Further Readings

With regards to print books, we ensure that the library possess sufficient copies of all prescribed texts / essential readings and further readings that support the academic and research programmes offered by the university. The circulation history of these titles is assessed from time to time and copies are added if there is a high demand from the users.

Magazines / Journals

Magazines, journals, annual reports, etc. are part of our print resources. They are usually identified with a round red coloured  “REF” label to indicate that they belong to Reference collection. Library patrons can access these collections only in the library and they are not available for borrowing.

Final Year Projects / Theses

Undergraduate Final Year Projects are placed in the open shelves in APU Library adjacent to the Quiet Zone area.

Theses and dissertations can be found in the designated room known as “Postgraduate Theses”; located next to the Library Workroom. Final year projects and theses are reference materials and therefore users can only view them within the library, and they are not borrowable.

Collection of CDs / DVDs

The media resources consist of CDs / DVDs which forms a small part of our collection. These are generally accompanying materials to the prescribed textbooks and mainly used by the teaching staff. Some of the DVDs in our collection were donated by our generous library patrons.

WACOM Tablets / LightPads

WACOM tablets and LightPads are also available as part of our media resources collection. They are available for loan exclusively for School of Media, Arts and Design (SOMAD) students and staff on a special request for a limited duration.