Quiet Discussion Rooms

The library has eight quiet discussion rooms equipped with a 55’ display TV and HDMI ports. These rooms are for students and staff who need space for group discussion related to teaching and learning activities.

Quiet Discussion Rooms 1 – 5 has a seating capacity of 8 pax and Rooms 6 – 8 will be able to accommodate 4 pax at a time. We do have additional HDMI cables / adapters for loan if you need and you may request from the librarian on duty.

What do I need to know before reserving a room?
  • Ensure that you are adhering to the APU Professional Dress Code Policy as described in our university’s website. You will not be able to make a room reservation if you are found not complying with the policy. 
  • Usage of face mask is compulsory in the library including the quiet discussion rooms. 
  • Your reservation will be cancelled if you arrive later than 15 minutes and the room will be released for others to use. 
  • Rooms are not soundproof. Hence, you are responsible to ensure your (and your team members’) voices are kept at a moderate level when using the rooms.  
  • The minimum number of users are two and maximum is up to eight users depending on the capacity of the room being reserved. 
  • You are allowed to reserve a room for minimum one hour and maximum up to four hours. If you need to extend the duration, check with the staff on duty and extension will only be arranged subject to room availability. 
  • The display TV does not support audio  and does not support wireless connection (Miracast/Airplay) 
  • All personal belongings must not be left unattended in the discussion room. 
  • The discussion room should not be used for private study or for social/leisure activities (e.g. playing video game / watching movie, etc.). 
  • No foods or drinks are allowed in the discussion rooms 
  • Only use the chairs and table provided in the room. Do not bring the furniture from other areas of the library to the discussion rooms. 
  • Ensure the discussion room is neat and tidy before leaving. Arrange the furniture, switch off the lights and return all library materials (books, VGA cable, etc.) to the library counter. 
  • Failure to comply with the library policies, rules and regulations will be grounded for suspension of Quiet Discussion Room privileges.  
  • The library reserves the right to terminate the use of discussion rooms that disrupts users or staff or situations that interferes with normal library operations. 
How to reserve a room?
  • Ensure that you know the total number of users who wish to use the room. Avoid adding users in an ad-hoc manner once the room has been allocated. 
  • Then, proceed to the library counter on the day that you want to use to check for the room availability. If you need to use the display TV and require a VGA cable, please ask the staff at the time of the reservation. A VGA cable will be loaned out to you.
  • Confirm the booking.
  • Pass the student/staff ID to the staff on duty before entering the room. The staff will unlock the room for you.
  • Ensure the furniture are in the original location (if you have moved the chairs, table, etc.) and switch off the lights after using the room. Collect your ID from the staff on duty before leaving the library.
  • Only APU staff are allowed to place an advance room reservation request by writing to library@apu.edu.my at least three days prior to the date you wish to make the reservation for. Staff is not allowed to send any students representing on behalf of them to make such requests.
  • If you need a room with a bigger capacity or for non-academic purposes, you may search and book a meeting room via outlook using the steps shown here.