Quiet Zone

The entire library space is designed to provide a conducive and a peaceful environment to study as well as for everyone to feel welcome. The open spaces like the lounge area or along the discussion rooms are generally intended for quiet study and library users are welcome to have group discussions, phone conversations, light chats as long as voices are kept low.

However, the Quiet Zone is a designated space for library users who strictly need an absolutely quiet area with minimum noise and distraction. It is located at the end of the library as you walk pass the final year project shelves. The sliding door separates the open space and Quiet Zone. As you enter, you will notice a clear signage of “QUIET ZONE” marked on the door.

You will find vibrant coloured chairs and couches that are intended to be used for some light activities such as reading or listening to music. There are also individual study carrels for private study which is equipped with power outlets for users to connect their electronic devices.

  • Minimal whispered conversation is allowed.
  • Use earphones / headphones if you need to listen to audios or watch videos, and only if noise is not audible to others.
  • Keeping phones on silent mode (not vibrate) and not answering phone calls.
  • Recording or sending voice notes are not allowed as well.
  • Group study / discussions are not allowed.
  • Do not leave your personal belongings unattended.
  • Sleeping is not allowed.
  • Food and drinks (except bottled water) should be consumed outside the library.

Feel free to politely let someone know if they are having a loud conversation or disturbing you. If the situation persists and disturbs your study, please inform one of the librarians on duty