Reserve a Book

Book reservation services are available to help you if the physical copy of the book is not available on the shelf due to one of the following situations: 

  • the book is currently on loan to another user.
  • no other copies were available at the time you wish to borrow. 
  • your library fines are not RM 25.00 or more as your account will be blocked. 
  • your library account has not expired or terminated. 

How to reserve a book? 

You can reserve up to two books at any one time. The following steps will guide you to make a reservation: 

  1. Log in to “My Library Account” to access the library catalogue. 
  2. Search and locate the book that you wish to reserve.
  3. Click on “Place hold” button to reserve the book(s).
  4. Choose the “Pickup Location” as APU Library to collect the books.  
  5. You will be notified by an email (either automated email or by one of the librarians) that the book(s) are ready for collection. Collect the reserved book(s) within three working days from the date you have been notified. The details and status of your reservation is reflected in your library account.
  6. Reservations expire after the three days duration and the book(s) will either be passed on to the next user in the queue or re-shelved in its original location.

Please raise a helpdesk request if: 

  • you encounter any difficulties with reservation using the above option. Let us know of the book(s) you wish to reserve. Ensure you have complete details of the book for us to fulfil your request. 
  • you are unable to collect during the three working days and would like an alternative arrangement. 
  • the book you have reserved is still unavailable to you after the item is due for return, please inform us immediately.
  • if you no longer require the reserved book(s) and wish to cancel the reservation.