Self-service Kiosks

The library provides two self-service kiosks for users to borrow and return books efficiently. They are known as Self-Checkout Kiosk for borrowing and Book Return Kiosk  for returning the books. Both of the self-service facilities help to expedite the borrowing and returning transactions by reducing the queues and waiting time at the library counter. This frees up library staff time from routine transactions so they can answer your queries and provide the front-desk help where it is most needed. Refer to the Self-checkout Kiosk User Guide and Book Return Kiosk User Guide to help you familiarize using the kiosks.

Self-checkout Kiosk

  1. Self-checkout Kiosk is located conveniently very close to the library counter. Staff and students must ensure that their respective IDs (APKey) have been activated before using the Self-checkout kiosk.
  2. You cannot use the Self-checkout Kiosk for borrowing if :
    • You do not have a valid Student/Staff ID card.
    • Your ID card is marked Lost/Expired/Suspended.
    • You have library fines, or your account has been blocked due to library fines or long overdue loans. Approach the librarian on duty to clear the fines and have your items checked out.
    • The intended book does not have a RFID tag OR if the current one is damaged.

Book Return Kiosk

  1. Book Return Kiosk is located on your left at the entrance of the library. Follow the on-screen instructions to return your book(s).
  2. You do not need your Staff/Student ID to use this kiosk.
  3. You are not encouraged to use the Book Return Kiosk if:
    • You are returning an overdue book that has incurred fines. Best to return it at the counter and clear your overdue fines.
    • The book you are returning is damaged e.g. missing pages, torn, damp, etc.
    • The intended book does not have a RFID tag OR if the current one is damaged.

  • Please keep the receipt after your transaction has completed.
  • Check your official email (student / staff email) to ensure the email notification you have received reflects your transactions accurately.
  • If there are any discrepancy in the transactions, report to us at immediately.