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The library predominantly uses two types of search tools:  namely  OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) and WorldCat Discovery.  With different search mechanisms, both tools  provide  you with the access to sources of information that are credible to your research, teaching and learning activities.

Take a quick look at each one of these search tools to learn how best to use them.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

APU Library catalogue (commonly known as OPAC) lists the holdings of physical and some digital collections  exclusively  belonging  to APU Library only. 

What can I search with OPAC?

If you are searching for a book, CD, hardbound FYPs / Theses, etc. that  are  exclusively  owned by APU Library, then  it  is  valid  to start your search with  OPAC. 

OPAC will be a  complete source for finding materials that the library owns. It  also  provides  you with the circulation information of the resources (i.e. if a book is on loan or when  it  is due to be returned to the library, the accessibility or limitation of resources, etc.). Examples of Basic and Advanced Search are shown below.  

Basic Search
The default search page in OPAC allows you to perform a basic search by selecting from a drop down list to search by either Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, ISBN, etc.  if you have these information handy. Otherwise, you may either enter a keyword to start your search or use a quotation mark to search for a phrase or even title. Refer to the examples below:

Search by entering a keyword 

Search by title using quotation marks “ “

Advanced Search
Advanced search enables you to enter specific information (e.g.: author, title, etc.) in its respective fields to find the exact publication that you are looking for. In the example shown below, we have entered the title starts with “Psychology” and the author contains “Gilbert”. This search option also allows you to limit your search by language, publication date range, item type, shelving location, location and availability, etc.

Search using WorldCat Discovery
WorldCat Discovery (commonly known as WorldCat) is a single search tool that brings search results from central index of  APU library databases and other libraries globally.

What can I search with WorldCat Discovery?

When you begin your search from the main search bar on the library homepage, the default search setting  will include both the  APU Library Catalogue (OPAC) and  WorldCat Discovery databases. This means the search results you are viewing includes print and digital resources owned and subscribed by APU Library along with resources that belong to other  libraries  around the world. However, you cannot borrow or view the full-text resources from other libraries unless they are open-access resources, and the visibility is allowed by the respective libraries.

How to search?

WorldCat also include selected e-databases (including open access resources) and  is  able to provide you with article level results which is not achievable through OPAC. Use the “Refine This Search” option by limiting the results to only collections held by APU library / Libraries Worldwide or format. Refer to the example below that shows a search done using basic keywords and the search results: