Turnitin is an internet-based similarity detection tool and not a plagiarism detection tool. It allows instructors and students to check writing for referencing omissions, citation issues, and potential instances of plagiarism.  

Similarity Report

Once a paper is submitted to Turnitin, it compares the text in the document against its database that contain vast amounts of web content, previously submitted assignments, and subscription-based journals and publications. The results are illustrated in a Similarity Report. This report highlights any matches found and the overall percentage of matched text. It also gives a breakdown of the overall percentage and provides links to the source of each section of matched text. 

While the report is generated as a result of detecting similarities in wording between the students’ submissions and Turnitin’s database, the instructor will have to determine whether the similarities are due to plagiarism.

Accessing Turnitin
Turnitin is integrated with Moodle and therefore it must be ONLY accessed via Moodle. As all APU instructors and students can access their courses and Turnitin assignments directly through Moodle, there is no separate Turnitin account creation is required.  
Deleting a Submission from Turnitin Database
A submission can be permanently deleted from Turnitin’s database to avoid it being searchable as a source. All paper deletion requests must be submitted in writing to the Turnitin Administrator. You can submit your request through our Library – Virtual Help Centre by providing all the required information including Submission/Paper ID associated to the paper you wish to be deleted.

Turnitin Support team will not entertain deletion requests if you fail to provide the Submission/Paper ID.
Turnitin for Students
Submitting an assignment

As Turnitin is integrated with Moodle, you can recognize your Turnitin assignments by the Turnitin logo  which is displayed next to your assignment title. Not all courses require you to make a Turnitin submission. If you are required to use Turnitin, your respective instructors will set up a Turnitin assignment and inform you of the same. You can submit your work by following these steps:  

  1. Login to Moodle and select your respective module from the Moodle dashboard. 
  2. Choose the relevant assignment from the module that you have selected. 
  3. You will be directed to the submission inbox where your assignment information is available and submit your work. 

If you are unable to find your module or assignment in the Moodle please contact your respective module instructor immediately.

Turnitin for Instructors

Creating an assignment

Turnitin integration with Moodle makes it easier for you to create an assignment within the course that you teach. You can access the step-by-step guide available in APU Knowledgebase that will help you to set up Turnitin assignments for your students. You can also access a comprehensive guide which explains in detail various assignment settings and managing Turnitin Assignments.

Professional work submission

Instructors who want to get your professional paper checked before submitting for a journal publication or a conference can do so by following the steps below:

Step 1: Click here.

Step 2: Assignment will be allocated in the course which allow you to submit your own papers or works to Turnitin (multi submissions will be allowed). Similarity report will appear shortly once the paper is submitted.