OnBoard@APU (Wi-Fi)

OnBoard@APU is an improved wireless facility that was launched university wide during the first quarter of 2021. The aim was to provide better and an enhanced wireless security to users. 

The wireless networks that you may have used in the past (Wireless@APU, BYOD@APU, Roam@APU and Staff@APU) has been replaced with OnBoard@APU. You now can connect up to four devices at any one time and yet enjoy a seamless connection which works with all major OS platforms.  

If you are a first time user, ensure to switch off and switch on the Wi-Fi settings on your device; so that it will refresh its list of networks and display OnBoard@APU as one of its Wi-Fi networks. Once you have selected OnBoard@APU as your preferred network, please follow the on-screen instructions to enrol your device to either Staff@APU 2.0 or Student@APU 2.0 to get connected. 

  • Visit OnBoard@APU (Wireless) for more FAQs, troubleshooting tips or if you simply need a step-by step guide to get started. 
  • If you need further help with regards to network connection related issues, IT Helpdesk can be reached at 03-8992 5050  (usual operating hours) or raise a helpdesk request through our Virtual Help Centre – IT Helpdesk.
  • For Students: If you experience difficulty in connecting to Student@APU 2.0, please proceed to connect to Student@APU ( Password: Th@nkY0u ).