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While the library continuously strives to improve its services and facilities to provide better user experience for our library users, it has become essential to have a committed team of student library assistants (APU students) who work along with us to ensure the success of daily library operations.  

How will I benefit from working as a Library Assistant?
  • The employment program allows students to cultivate work and supervisory skills whilst still studying at the university. You will also learn library-specific knowledge and skills which will help you in your academic related works.  
  • You will gain great exposure and experience right from the beginning of the recruitment process by applying for the job, attending formal interviews and practical job-training if you are shortlisted. The experience will be a preparatory exercise should you need to apply for a job or internship during the course of your studies or after your graduation. 
  • As the library is a key support to the teaching and learning activities in the university, you will be working with the team and learning to attend to user enquiries, locating the library resources, using the library management system to carry out circulation duties, inventory control of the collection and many other administrative or clerical related tasks. The nature of these tasks will fast-track your professional development skills related to customer service, time-management, planning and organization; and communication skills. 
How will I know about the vacancy?

Library Assistants are recruited on a need basis, which usually occurs when Senior Library Assistants complete their study and leave APU or when more library assistants are needed for daily operations. The recruitment drive usually opens twice a year.

You will have to look out for recruitment advertisements. They are usually placed at library entrance, public areas (e.g: cafeteria, atrium, elevators, etc.), APSpace and on the library website.  

What are the application criteria?

Ensure you fulfill the following general application criteria (but not limited to) before applying to become a Library Assistant:

  • Must complete at least one semester in APU. 
  • Not involved actively in any other society or teams such as computer labs and student services.
How can I apply?

You will have to submit the online job application form which will be made available once the recruitment advertisement is published.  The application form must be submitted along with cover letter, CV and a passport-sized photograph. You will be contacted for an interview session if you are shortlisted. You will be also notified by email if your application was unsuccessful. 

What is the recruitment process?
  • You will be contacted and scheduled for an interview. It may be a one-to-one or a group interview session and this will be determined by the recruitment panel.  
  • If you are shortlisted from the first level interview, you will be further interviewed by the Library Manager to finalise the selection process.  
  • If you complete both the interviews successfully, formal training and probation work for a dedicated duration will be arranged. You will also go through an assessment after the probationary period, and you will become part of the team and be on the payroll once you complete the assessment successfully.

Join the diverse team of librarians to find out how you can benefit from the employment opportunity!